Betulia Red

Plant properties

The Betulia Red is an exuberant flowering variety with red flowers. The plant is a well-branching variety and has small shiny green leaves. The Betulia Red blooms from March to September and is also very suitable for outdoor use.


Betulia Red is only available in pot size 19 cm
and is available from weeks 6 to 36 at J&P ten Have.

Care tips Betulia inside

Make sure the Betulia is in a place with a lot of light, but avoid direct sunlight. If the Betulia is positioned in a dark spot, it will flower irregularly.
Make sure the soil is kept sufficiently moist, as the plant uses a lot of water during flowering. Regularly add some plant food along with the water. You can simply apply water directly to the soil of the Betulia.
Remove the dead flowers regularly. This helps to prevent mildew and extends the Betulia’s flowering period.

Care tips outside

The Betulia is very suitable as an outdoor plant in the summer months. This can be in a pot on the terrace or in a flowerbed. The Betulia doesn’t like direct sunlight, but if the Betulia is used to the outdoor conditions, it can tolerate a lot of light. The Betulia can handle the evening or morning sun after getting used to it. In any case, make sure that the root ball is always sufficiently moist. When the Betulia is used in a flowerbed, carefully remove the pot and plant the Betulia in the ground. Make sure that the soil covers the root ball. Immediately saturate the soil of the flowerbed after planting. With prolonged drought, it is necessary to water the plant regularly. Obviously this is not necessary when it rains a lot. Removing dead flowers extends the flowering period of the Betulia.