Begonia Valentino White

The Valentino White is a fairly well-branching variety with a white flower and a yellow center. The well-filled, medium-sized flower is double-coloured, which gives the plant a fresh, colourful appearance. The plant keeps best in spring and summer, it flowers very profusely.


Valentino White is only available in pot size 14 cm and available from week 14 to week 40 J&P ten Have.

Care tips

Make sure the Begonia is in a place with lots of light, but avoid direct sunlight. If the Begonia is positioned in a dark place it will flower irregularly. Make sure that the potting soil is sufficiently moist, because the plant uses a lot of water during flowering. You can apply water directly to the soil of the Begonia. Regularly add some plant food when watering. Regularly remove the dead flowers. This helps to prevent mold and extends the Begonia’s flowering period.