Begonia Mystiq Orange

Plant properties

The Begonia Mystiq Orange is a newcomer to the Begonia collection. The Mystiq Orange is orange and the flower has a light red glow. The beautiful wave-like structure in the flowers combined with this unusual colour makes the Begonia Mystiq orange an eye-catcher in every room.

Care tips

Make sure the Begonia Mystiq Orange is placed in a spot with plenty of light, but avoid direct sunlight. If the Begonia is positioned in a dark spot, it will flower irregularly. Make sure the soil is kept moderately moist, as the plant uses a lot of water during flowering. You can simply apply water directly to the soil of the Begonia Mystiq Orange. Regularly add some plant food along with the water. Remove the dead flowers regularly. This helps prevent mildew and extends the flowering period of the Begonia Mystiq Orange.