Must HAVE Perfection

J&P strives to Must HAVE Perfection which is achieved by pursuing our mission, core values and vision.

Quality, Distinctive, Commitment, Sustainable, Future


Our top priority is to maintain high quality, we only go for the best and the most beautiful product which is the mainly sustainably grown, the ”Must HAVE Perfection” range. In addition, we are members of Decorum which is the number 0ne brand with more than fifty Dutch growers. Decorum stands for quality, innovation and sustainability.


Our wide range of flowering – and green houseplants and a wide range of top quality products that are mainly sustainably grown makes our products so unique.

Commitment and putting people first

Every year we hold a strategic session with our employees, here we collaborate on strategic decisions within the company.

The Staff Association regularly organizes fun outings and arranges a gift or flowers for a colleague on special occasions.

Good contact with customers is very important, we must be able to count on each other, not just in good times. The plants market is a dynamic one, a lot happens and everyday is a different ball game.

We think along with our customers and try to unburden them as much as we can.
As a result, we ensure that our employees, suppliers and customers are involved in the production process.


Due to the demand from the public and the market, we try to grow as sustainably as possible.

  • We do this by heating the Herenwerf location with geothermal energy from GEOPOWER, for the Kreekrug location we are investigating joining geothermal energy Maasdijk.
  • We apply integrated pest management (I.P.M. Integrated Pest Management). This means that we first try to control a pest or disease biologically or mechanically before using chemicals. For example, we put out biological control agents against White Fly, Aphids and Thrips. Additionally, we try to work hygienically so that diseases and pests have a small chance. All of our products come with a plant passport.
  • Because we carry the ProductProof label from MPS, we use paper sleeves and cardboard trays for packing plants, this is mainly for customers in Germany.
  • The water we use to water the plants is disinfected and reused.


J&P ten Have and staff create beauty, sustainability and quality with our plants each and every day. We grow a wide and unique range of ornamental plants in order to achieve a strong market position. We do this with a lot of passion, which ultimately results in perfection.