Locations: Kreekrug and Herenwerf

Our company now consists of 2 locations, 1 is located in De Lier and 1 in Maasland. We grow a very nice and large assortment of flowering and green houseplants at both locations.

Location Kreekrug

In 1992 we started growing our products at the Kreekrug location in De Lier, which is also the oldest location of J&P ten Have.

The area of this site covers 2 hectares of which 16,600 sq. m., including 2,500 sq. m. of workspace has been build. The nursery is equipped with mobile benches that are also present above the business space in order to increase the nurseries cultivation capacity.

In 2005, the company next door was purchased. This chrysanthemum glashouse was then converted into a Begonia nursery. Here we use the advanced WPS (Walking Plant System).

The total area after the expansion is 4 hectares, of which 32,000m² has been built on. At the Kreekrug location, we grow the Begonias and Poinsettias in 14 cm pots. The Betulia and Belove are grown in 19 cm pots and the green houseplants in 17 cm pots. 30,000 Begonias are processed every week. The Betulia and Belove are a sister of the Begonia and are extremely suitable for outdoor use on patios and balconies. 16,000 of these are processed every week. In the months of November, December and January, the cultivation of Begonia, Betulia and Belove is replaced by the Poinsettia (Christmas star) and green houseplants.

Location Herenwerf

8 years after the start at the Kreekrug, in the year 2000 we started growing our products at the Herenwerf location in Maasland. This nursery is located in the horticultural area of the Oudecampsepolder. The surface area of this nursery consists of 2.8 hectares of land, of which 22,500 m² are glasshouses. At the Herenwerf location, we grow Begonias and Leaf Begonias in 13 cm pots all year round. Since 2005, the Gloxinia has been an important crop at the Herenwerf location. We grow these from week 8 to week 44, about 24,000 a week.
Each week, 16.000 Begonia plants and 4.000 Leaf Begonia plants are processed.

The Herenwerf location is equipped with a specially equipped rooting room for the Begonias and has an area of 3800 m². Here a large part of our own cuttings are rooted, sorted and prepared for potting. Our own Begonia mother plants are at Pete de Bruijn on the Scheeweg in De Lier and we buy the rest at Koppe Begonia and Beekenkamp.


The processing of our products at both locations is largely done using a sorting system. The plants are assessed by camera for height, colour, quality and maturity. Based on the measured values, the plants with the same specifications are sent to roller conveyors. The plants can then be harvested with the desired specifications of our customers.