From past to present

J&P ten Have is a modern houseplant company originating from a family business that passed on from father to son. The company was founded in 1955 in Honselersdijk by W.J.J. ten Have.
In 1978 the company had an area of 4000m².  Bougainvillea and Cyclamen were the main crops at the time.  In that same year, a new nursery was built in Kwintsheul on the Driesprong.  This nursery was 6000m² and had a rolling bench system in place.  We started growing Begonias in 1981 on this nursery, in the following years the production kept growing immensely.

In 1980, Jos ten Have joined his father’s company and the company W.J.J. ten Have and Zn. was founded. In 1986 Peter ten Have also joined the firm, and four years later the firm J&P ten Have was established alongside the existing firm.
At the time, they bought a 2-hectare plot at the Kreekrug in De Lier in 1990 and started building a new nursery there a year later.
This nursery was completely equiped with rolling bench systems on the ground but also hanging benches above them, which was very unique at the time. The company in Honselersdijk was then sold and the firm W.J.J. ten Have and Zn. was then dissolved.
In 1996 the firm J&P ten Have changed into J & P ten Have B.V. In late 1997, a 2.8-acre lot was purchased on the Herenwerf in Maasland.
In 2000 they started growing Begonias and Anthuriums at this location. The nursery in Kwintsheul was sold just before starting in Maasland.

Peter ten Have

In 2005, an expansion took place at the Kreekrug site. 
The adjacent neighbour’s nursery was purchased and rebuild into a Begonia nursery. On this nursery, the Walking Plant System (WPS) is being used.  As a result, the total area of the nursery Kreekrug has grown from 2 to 3.2 hectares.

In 2017/2018, the Herenwerf site was connected to Geopower Oudcamp’s geothermal grid for heating the nursery. This connection enables us to use less natural gas to heat the nursery.

On July 1, 2021, Jos ten Have retired from the company and on January 1, 2022, Gerard van Deventer joined the company.