MPS Certifications

Environment and Quality

Floriculture Environmental Program (MPS).
The MPS Group not only develops and manages certificates with regards to sustainability and the environment, but also conducts its own certifications. In addition, growers can contact MPS for various training courses in this field.

Sustainably grown flowers and plants.
In the ornamental flower industry, efforts are being made by growers worldwide to produce a fresh and sustainable product. By having these certificates, companies make these activities transparent and measurable. On our website, the ornamental flower industry is happy to show you how sustainability is applied in our nurseries and what you can look out for when buying flowers and plants.


MPS certificates

We are proud of our  MPS certifications, which enable us to produce an even cleaner and more sustainable product.

Record-keeping of the amount of fertilizers, crop protection products, water and energy use. The less is used the more sustainable the crop.
We are MPS-A, we use as little fertilizer, crop protection agents and water as possible, and the Herenwerf location uses sustainable geothermal energy to heat the greenhouse.

A certificate for growers who supply retailers. This describes how safety, (company) hygiene, traceability and personnel policies are handled.

MPS-Social Qualified
Sets requirements for the company’s (social) personnel policy.

Registration of crop protection agents. By recording the use of crop protection products within 24 hours and by periodically testing 4 leaf samples per year, we can clearly show which crop protection products we do and do not use. That is how we maintain transparency.
We have had the MPS-ProductProof certification since February 2019.

Feel free to check out the MPS website for more information and if you enter our number   (600876)  you will see all the certifications of
J&P ten Have.
Website MPS: Floriculture Environmental Program (MPS).